Okay, this post may be going totally off the tangent, and far away from the main context of this blog (movies), but I just had to blog about this…and pour my heart out.

I happened to stumble on this recent article on Anders Brevik on Times of India website. If you don’t know who Breivik is — he is the Norway terrorist who shot a whole bunch of innocent people sometime last year, claiming that he was anti-islamic and also against their immigration into Norway.

This is the article that I am referring to on TOI. It was not the article, but the comments section that really shocked me. Just scoot over to the comments section here. As I write this post, I notice that the number of comments have shot up from 60 (when I started writing), to about 111 comments at the moment. That will give you an idea of the amount of activity/interest that this article is drawing.

I was really appalled and shocked by some of the comments here, and it kinda suggests the tragic and volatile times we live in, and the hatred that still persists. I mean —- these are supposedly educated people, who use the internet and are commenting here. Really shameful that so many people seem to be actually supporting this madman—and that too about something like immigration of Islamic people.

I have highlighted some of the comments below. You can read all the comments at the link.

What a crying shame! And in case you are wondering — I am a Hindu.


Coward Indian (India)
32 mins ago (07:17 PM)
I wish I had the courage of Breivik!

kandarpa (Assam)
40 mins ago (07:09 PM)
We Assamese also need some gutsy guys like this! Se how illegal immigrants from Bangladesh has changed our demography.

Amara (Kolkata)
44 mins ago (07:05 PM)
This guy is inspirational and very motivating for coward hindus in India. Muslims here are bullying us, raping our girls to convert and we are appeasing them for the sake of secularism defined by some political pot bellied idiots. Just like Shivaji who led to the downfall of mughals in India we need a Brevik to control these fast breeding pests from eating out our precious land and culture.

Rakesh Ahluwalia (Haryana) replies to SSDFFSF
30 mins ago (07:19 PM)
Awestruck at your dumbness. The people who he killed were in favor of liberally allowing Muslim immigration and open to Muslim way of life in Norway. This is same as allowing your mom to replace your dad with a Muslim father for you and asking you to wear monkey cap and read namaz 5 times a day and keep your wife in burqua. Go figure.

Vivek (Mumbai) replies to Xenome
39 mins ago (07:10 PM)
He is against immigration from Islamic countries which is supported by those whom he killed. He is a hero like Nathuram Godse who killed Gandhi.

Vivek (Mumbai)
1 hr ago (06:33 PM)
Mass immigration should be declared as an atrocity on host culture and stopped.

anand (chennai)
1 hr ago (06:23 PM)
One thing is good. He is an anti-muslim. And to be an anti muslim is very tough.

Kaka (India)
1 hr ago (06:12 PM)
A hero who will be butchered by a bunch of politically liberals. He loves his country and had the courage to protect his land against muslims. I wish Indians had such patriotism. Go Breivik. The spirit of Charles Martell lives. Indians have a lot to learn from him.

sameer (bangalore)
1 hr ago (05:53 PM)
In India he definitely would have been treated as a hero like Afzal Guru, Kasab, Swami Aseemanand, Narendra Modi.


They are still raising their hands (making that flying sign). Most of their songs still revolve around girls and love. But there is something — a bit different this time.

Given below are some recent (boy-band) music videos that I quite liked 😛


Movie Rating: Whisky (Check out the movie ratings scale on the top left pane of the page)

In Short: A simple and yet beautiful movie that somehow seems to have missed the limelight. Just go and watch this one (or just download it).

I happened to bump into this movie by chance, and hadn’t heard about it, prior to watching it. However, it turned out to be quite an engaging watch and a beautiful movie. Dog lovers will especially be moved by this Aussie movie, which is actually based on a true-life story of Red Dog (Pilbara) who was known for his travels over a vast part of Australia.

The director has done a very good job at keeping the story simple but yet engaging. The acting has also been quite good across the board, including that by Koko (the dog) who has delivered a fine debut performance.

This one is definitely a catch, despite being such a low-key and relatively unknown movie. If you don’t find the DVD anywhere, just download it and watch.

   Click to Watch the Episodes on Youtube

Wow!! … its been a long – long time since I updated this blog. I got really busy with work…. ya I know the same lame excuse (blah..blah). However, this particular show put the urge in me to write again. The show that I am talking about here is The Dewarists, and it airs on Star World channel every Sunday. If you already haven’t seen it there, you can catch it also on Youtube (link above).

The show basically is a collaboration between some well known music artists, and is shot in a travelogue kind of style. It includes some good but yet unconventional Indian artists like Agnee, Parikrama, Indian Ocean, Mohit Chauhan, Vishal Dadlani (of Pentagram) etc. and also some foreign artists too, who collaborate together to create some wonderful tracks …. not in a studio — but in some distant and enchanting places.

The production on this is awesome, and so is the narrative by Monica Dogra who happens to be from the duo group Shaa’ir+Func. The visuals are stunning, captivating and yet sublime. The style in which this travelogue cum documentary has been shot is very raw, fresh and engaging.

Another thing that you will notice is that there are no irritating product placements in the show or sponsorships which clutter it up . The show has been sponsored by Dewars whiskey, but it is never shown even once through any surrogate placements. It has truly been kept very subtle and hence works better in the artistic frame of mind. The format I feel is much better than other similar shows that have been around like Coke Studio and MTV Unplugged. The production house behind the show viz. Babble Fish Productions has done a great job in giving this format a fresh look.

The title of this post has been borrowed from the show’s tagline “Because some things are just worth doing”. To borrow a few more words — “There is a need to be moved in life…”. Do yourself a favour — watch this show — and be moved!

I miss…

Posted: April 10, 2011 in Bakwaas
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I miss gazing into a star-filled sky ….. which is quite improbable in Mumbai.

I miss getting sun-tanned while lying on white sandy beach, without a care in the world of how ridiculous I will look the next day.

I miss those weekend trips.

I miss those times when you could reply in yes or no, and didn’t have to look for a ‘grey’ area.

I miss those weekends when you would not think about your office work, even for a single moment during the entire course of the weekend.

I miss watching the sun set and the sky turn a bright orangish-red….. god only knows when I saw a sunset last or atleast  yearned to see one.

I miss that time when I used to believe that all human beings are innately good.

I miss the feeling or want to be an adventurer, even though deep down I always knew that I never was one.

I miss that time when I could think up a joke in a whiff.

I miss that time when I was a bit more patient.

I miss those brief moments of raw earthy feeling.

I miss those out-of-body experiences :p

I miss those times when I used to get philosophical, and impart advice to others, thinking that they were pearls of wisdom.

I miss those times when things were more simple and straight-forward.

I miss those times when I believed that I would make a difference to the world.

I miss those times, when I didn’t have to think in my mind —“Man, I am getting old for this”.

I miss those times when you didn’t have to think of tomorrow.

I miss those Good- Old -Times!

P.S.  You will notice that people mostly reminisce about the past with the phrase ‘good old times’.  No one says ‘bad old times’ or something similar when they are feeling nostalgic. That’s because of the tendency of associating the past with the good or treasured moments, and filtering out the unpleasant things, even though everyone has had a fair share of them as well.


Movie Rating: Whisky (and half) (Check out the movie ratings scale on the top left pane of the page)

In Short: Boy meets girl. Both fall in love …. and then there’s marriage! Terrific acting…terrific direction…and so believable.

I started to see this movie without expectations, and was blown away as it unfolded slowly. Btw, I have seen over time that films which I usually see without any expectations, many-a-times turn out to be my fav ones. Anyways, the movie sways back and forth between the now deteriorating relationship of a married couple and their earlier happy and love-filled yesteryears. There are several movies that have used this technique of transitioning back and forth between different points of time of the storyline. This film also follows the same, but at the same time keeps it fresh and imaginative.

The acting by both the stars in the film is very natural and realistic. You almost feel like the story is actually playing out in front of you. I think the female actor also managed to land up an oscar nomination for herself, although even the male actor (Ryan Gosling) did a very good job. The direction was superb, and the director knew which emotional strings of the viewer to pull at. The tile of the movie viz. Blue Valentine, kept me guessing, but as the movie progressed I realised why it was named that, and the pun that was intended.

All in all, this was clearly one of the best of the year. The story and acting was very believable and refreshing. The film moves at a rather slow pace, and is also a bit depressing in parts. So if you are looking for a fast moving or action packed flick; look elsewhere. Definitely worth a watch on a lazy weekend afternoon. You will come out with a whole new perspective.

Btw, my favourite line from the movie was when the male lead actor says that women look for ‘prince charming’ their entire life, but settle for the safe bet when it comes to marriage.

I saw this french music video on a recent flight, and quite liked it. I have no idea what this video means, but it seems to revolve around some guy who is singing at a french bistro, while some hot damsels try their best to entice him, but fail miserably,  and get pissed-off at the same time. Sounds interesting?? 😛 .. then have a look below.

And here is another interesting french music video, which I remember seeing a few years back.